Up side down for 360 animations

Due to the Multioperation Tool we can repeat the rotation of objects for the selected angle, for the entire series of photos. I guess, I would not overvalue this function, reminding that the typical 3D presentation usually contains a dozen to several hundred frames. Therefore the adjustment, panning hand, or even rotating pictures (like one by one manually), wouldn’t work in this case.

In a nutshell, ‘up side down’ for single packshot  (link) combined with multioperation tool (link) in the program is a kind of valuable trick. In order to present the example; I have turned the basic picture of lying product with chosen amount of degrees (eg. 180 and 280). Here is the effect:

Basic Photos:

rotated 180 degrees

rotated 280 degrees (clockwise) or 80 degrees counterclockwise


Of course, when we perform some acrobatics in the program, the axis of rotation automatically turns, nevertheless I really like the effect that it caused and additionally- I save time.

More samples from the net:

Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz www.studioavior.pl

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