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I have been moving my Canon 40mm lens around the house for quite some time now. Until, finally, I was ready to sell it. Someone can probably make a better use of it. 360 photography is a fantastic tool to show used items on auctions. Whether we wish to present the great shape the item is in or expose possible damages – with 360 photography, it is all plain to see. Both the buyer and the seller can feel safe.

To prepare the presentation, I used Jumbo Mode light chamber.

One last glance at the scene – the lens looks great “standing” with two lens caps, showing that the kit is complete. In order to stop it from rolling when the turntable starts moving, I use a little bit of wax:


Using MODEPIX software, I switch on all lights inside the machine, make sure that my object is positioned exactly in the center of the scene and proceed with a series of 60 frames at t=1/60s, f=9, ISO=200

fot. (1)

I pick one of the photographs. Double click opens additional editor window:

fot. (2)

With the help of the magic wand, I launch the option of automatic background removal

fot. (3)

By trial and error method, I check which of the available programs can eliminate unnecessary gray levels, in this case, Prog. 3 proved to be the best.

fot. (4)

The right effect is clearly visible – thanks to transparency function

fot. (5)

I confirm by clicking “apply”

fot. (6)

Using Multi Image Changer icon:

fot. (7)

…the operation is repeated with all frames in the series and then confirmed.

fot. (8)

The last available graphic icon sends the photo sequence to the server:

fot. (9)

After logging to the user’s account, I get the imported presentation.

fot. (9-1)

With the code that can be found in the tabs under the presentation I am able to list the photo material on eBay or the popular Polish online auction service Allegro.

fot. (9-2)

fot. (9-3)

The function offers many advantages but first and foremost it is very quick and effective. It took me only 7 minutes to put my idea into action and list my lens. It can be dangerously addictive… Beware and do not sell out everything!!!

And if by any chance someone out there needs such a lens – visit my online auction!

Dominika Apanasewicz

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