Shooting flat clothing

If you are planning to shoot the clothes folded flat, Jumbo is indispensable. Professional effect with minimum time and work – that’s what I like! It helps me to effectively shoot underwear, t-shirts and infant and newborn clothes (the only limitation is the diameter of the lighted platform, which is 90 cm). Here’s the setup for shooting flat clothing:


Rotating arm helps to mount the camera at 90 degree angle – that is perpendicular to the photographed products. With all lights on (drow) I get an even lighting and shadow-less effect and so the photos do not require any additional processing. In order to obtain a nicer effect and harmonize the whole series I cropped them into the square in ModePix software.

ISO=100, f= 8, t= 1/40s – 1/80s (depending on the brightness of the clothe)

It took me only 40 minutes to take the photos and prepare the below-provided gallery… including ironing!

See an example – gallery of infant clothes:

 Dominika Apanasewicz

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