Metal door handles

Unfortunately for photographers metals are often used for production of popular goods and that means you can meet them in photography studios as models. Copper, bras or silver are reflecting differently and there are a lot of detail and finishing important to show in the picture. It’s not an easy task. In terms of 360 degrees photography it seems almost impossible, but with the JUMBO 360 degrees light box I was positively surprised.

Front light showed perfectly the body of the object, ground light underneath and back wall minimized ugly shadows and cut out the background from the object. Reflected light from the side walls helped in surface structure enhancement.

The only problem I had with black reflections because of the camera body and space where the 3D arm of the JUMBO unit is mounted. But as usual the easiest methods are the best so I used a piece of white paper background and cut a lens size hole in it (see picture 1). Additionally I softened light by special silicone paper used for technical drawings and that way I could minimize the bulbs focused reflections visible sometimes during animation (see picture 2)



Sample of annoying reflection



2014-07-07 15.37.56

Photoscene for metal handles inside JUMBO

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