Have you got yourself a hat already?

Hat – an original accessory, an exquisite decoration and a finishing touch – that’s what the fashion creators have been saying for several years. Made of felt, leather, denim or straw, it can add an interesting touch to any outfit. In the past, it wasn’t possible to leave the house without this basic element of a gentleman’s attire. How could a gentleman greet a lady if not by tipping the brim of the hat? As for women, the hat can make them appear more mysterious and charming. In the winter, it protects against the cold and in the summer – against the sun. It works all year round.

It may seem that such a wonder could never be out of fashion… yet, when I was a child and then a teenager, hats became so unpopular and disregarded in Poland that my grandmother’s soft trilby was used by our cat for napping. My grandfather’s fedora was proudly worn by the snowman that I made with my brother each winter. Hats were seen mainly on TV. They added a touch of extravagance to the fancy outfits worn by the movie stars, musicians and aristocrats.

Somehow, my ignorance continued until my thirties. I felt like there is no object that I haven’t photographed at some point of my career when suddenly a customer with several boxes of hats came to my studio. I have no idea how you wear it, with what kind of clothes and I can barely tell woman from man’s hat. Thanks God for the unisex being so popular nowadays. “We all have a head so everybody has the possibility to wear a hat.” My customer kept quoting Philip Treacy’s, the famous British hat maker, words. Sticking to that rule, I regained my confidence.

I got around the task and started to process it with the help of MODE equipment: 1. Jumbo – light chamber and 2. Professional fashion photography kit.

Ad.1 Jumbo offers this great opportunity to photograph any type of accessories. The adjustable rail helps to select correct angle and repeat it with each piece of design. It also enables to do packshots from above, which was consistent with the customer’s wish. Lighted platform offers shadow-less effect while the perfect ModePIX software simplifies the process of postproduction limiting it to just 4 clicks, beating the Photoshop. (click 1-4)

click-1 click-2 click-3 click-4

Settings: all lights in Jumbo on, ISO 100, f=10, t=1/60s

Ad 2. The fashion photography kit was helpful in presenting models who wore the hats. As usual, I focused on perfect backlighting (I wanted it to be absolutely white.) Setting the front light required a bit of acrobatics. Hats’ special quality is that they shadow the face; that is why the light should be directed slightly from below in order to “peek under” the hat.

Settings: ISO=200, f=6,3, t= 1/100s

It is important to take a note of a shorter exposure time (min 1/100s) in order to avoid any blurring caused by the movements of the camera (it is not mounted on the tripod) and the model (they tend to simper and change the pose quite often).

His Majesty the Hat is back in vogue. Did you get yourself one? I recommend www.hathouse.pl

Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz www.studioavior.pl

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