Mask Modification

 The background removal algorithm developed by MODE360 is an extremely complex feature. The aim of the algorithm is to remove the background of an image even for the most difficult products. However a lot of photographers have a tendency of adding improvements. I belong to perfectionists and I always find something improve especially when it comes to clipping path. This is why, the latest version of the MODEViD software, which is now available on the website, has been enriched with mask modification sliders which allow the user to perfect the edges of product in background removal too.

I can now parameterize the appearance of the mask by observing the changes “live”. Density and smooth apply to each algorithm. The opacity slider applies only to those which introduce a transparency alpha channel into the image.

The “Transparency” algorithm does not apply exclusively to transparent products. I also use it for difficult products which have reflective surface or contain a very fine details. Fluffy elements are most difficult. Modification of the mask allows you to obtain a smooth edge even onfeather and fringe tips. Honestly, with this algorithm I wouldn’t open a photoshop for this type of photos. It would be a waste of time!

To make the work easier and to fine-tune the final effect, I’m applying the final background colour. I can do it already at the stage of mask editing. In this case I want the background to be black.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the possibility of enlarging the mask preview in order to be more accurate with adjusting the edges of the product. The available A, B and C buttons allow you to save the mask settings. This is extremely useful especially if we aim to get repetitive results when shooting next products waiting in line.

Written and photographed by:

Dominika Apanasewicz