Current global situation especially the quarantine period can pin every entrepreneur down and put in a risk every business. That’s exactly what happened to me after I came back from Spain. A two weeks quarantine at home. I thought it was a total disaster to me as It would mean I had to cancel my commissioned photography jobs and lose money. Also I didn’t want to ruin my reliability as my clients perceived me as well organized, professional photographer who always meets all deadlines. Home office was my last resort which I always avoided as organizing a photography studio in small living room may be a challenge. But I had to find a solution somehow, after all, the whole world has been challenged to reorganize the work and switch to the remote mode. Human contacts and business communication has completely transferred online, “clouds” and VPN servers. Online shopping has noted a massive revenue increase. 

Those who didn’t lockdown their businesses had to adapt rapidly to current situation and I have also managed to adapt with a compact photography solution. A Photo Composer compact studio by MODE360 is a mobile device fully controlled by the extremely intuitive computer application. Composer has proven itself in case of difficult jewellery photography and has made me enjoy this job again. I save hours on commuting, the time scheduled for commissioned jobs has been reduced from 5 to 3 working days! And I find it really motivating and whats even more important very cost-effective. 

In the afternoon, when I finish my “home-studio work” the Photo Composer lands in a mobile box and goes to the dressing room. All photos are already on the client’s website: 


Written and photographed by:

Dominika Apanasewicz www.studioavior.pl