MODE STYLE – blogger’s flat lays

The MODESTYLE table – satisfies my needs in the scope of creating the set. Thanks to large mobility of the lights and regulation of their intensity I am able to both: shoot difficult products and obtain the desired effect. Since we have already covered the subject of light, we could now use a handful of Tips and Tricks worthy of a professional blogger.

Flatlay photography is based on several basic rules that you should know and then break:
1. golden ratio:
The scheme shows classic position for the key product, but whoever said other idea  is wrong ?
2. framing – the photo needs to be interesting and not academically correct – sharp cuts are in vogue today;
3. extraordinary folding, modelling of the sleeves, today we can already talk about entire packshot studies and the profession of a packshot stylist;
4. rhythmical repetition of motifs and… breaking the rhythm;
5. flat but with ghost effect – techniques for stuffing the pockets, cuffs exposing collars
6. adding accessories that highlight the nature of the photographed product
7. white background – only when required by an auction site, I personally think that backgrounds add a nice touch to the photos (I have tons of photo screens in my storage, I love wood and glass backgrounds)
8. bringing more life to the photo: flowers, model’s hands, accessories
The best thing to do is to eventually filter everything in iPad/Android apps. Everything is allowed – from increasing the contrast, crossing the colors to toning.
That’s all there is to it.
Why? – bloggers’ photos often cannot be compared to correct product photographs. The filters alter colors, folded pants do not show their design, yet the search for new forms of presentation has created a fashion that cannot be questioned. A company blog, a Facebook account, Instagram or Pinterest will bear any form of art, as long as it can successfully convert a visit to an online purchase.


Broken-Glass-Cracking-Desktop copy

Written and photographed by:

Dominika Apanasewicz