Flatlays – deep black & transparencies

The most important thing in photography is light! As a matter of fact, these could be the opening words for every single entry on this blog.

It doesn’t matter if we are taking photos of food, people, nature or fashion. For the photographer the light is the key tool of expression. In order to take good photos, you need to understand the light, know its types, directions, colors and the way it interacts with the photographed object. Proper choice of light is invaluable when you are trying to build up the mood and highlight textures of the photographed objects / obtain proper depth of the shadows. Without the light even the best composition and the most charming subject will not receive much acclaim.

Conscious use of light is indispensable when you are photographing a difficult object – by which I mean 1/ deep blacks, 2/ transparencies and 3/ total whites

1/ Deep blacks are very challenging. If we want a lace dress with tulle to be more than just a black spot we need to make the light ‘slide’ on the details.


2/ Transparencies – at this point the angle of the light is not as important as the proportion between the intensity of upper and lower lights. This is always an issue, even for an old hand. I keep to the following rule: step 1, put all the lights to the minimum, step 2, keep the bottom at the weakest, and gradually increase the intensity of the upper lamps. Low intensity of the upper lamps increases transparency, turning them up reduces transparency and smooths out the surfacesPhoto024
3/ Total whites – call for combining sharp light with good proportions of the intensity of the lamps.


Working with the MODESTYLE light turned out to be a nice surprise. Ease of use + Freedom of settings are professional arguments for choosing this equipment.

I will soon prepare presets for the users of MODEVID software – these will contain ready-made settings that will provide proper lighting proportions and camera settings with one click.

The MODESTYLE table – satisfies my needs in the scope of creating the set. Thanks to large mobility of the lights and regulation of their intensity I am able to both shoot difficult products and obtain the desired effect. Since we have already covered the subject of light, we could now use a handful of Tips and Tricks worthy of a professional blogger.




Written and photographed by:

Dominika Apanasewicz www.studioavior.pl