MODESTYLE – being an engineer


Taking a photo may turn into a challenge: sometimes you have to become an engineer, sometimes a stage designer and sometimes a fully-fledged inventor. Visitng DIY or art stores is inevitable. I can tell you from my experience that it is worth to have a buddy that will prepare even the strangest plastic moulds without asking the questions that even I myself don’t know how to answer. When I come up with an idea, bring everything to the studio and complete the installations, a lamp, for instance, can get in my way, giving too much heat when shining ‘upwards’ to make my homemade counter twist from the temperature and changes colors… If the deadline is near – that is something even I, with my patience of a saint, can’t take. These are the moments when I appreciate ready-made solutions, in the first place professional ones, that can come as a nice surprise at different stages of work. One of those is the ModeStyle table, which I have recently received for testing.

The ModeStyle table is an easy to operate compact photo studio for taking photos of clothes spread on a flat surface, that is flatlays. A backlit 200x135cm table allows for taking photos of both long men’s coats and more elaborate outfits – interestingly – along with shoes, handbags and other accessories.

For me as a photographer, the great advantage lays in the wide mobility range of the upper lights and the regulation of intensity of the lower lighting. Thanks to these two key features I can easily render the structure of even single colored fabrics, I can shape the shadows or, thanks to the mask function, obtain photos completely shadowless. Follow the link to find more details about chellanging products and blogger-style photography. The color of light is similar to the 6500 K daylight – manufacturers usually don’t care much for this feature, which easily leads to misrepresenting colors. Extra help in rendering colors is provided by the high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of the applied LED lights. Objectively speaking, there is a lot of light, since all the five sources combined give as much as 10,000 lumens. At the beginning of the work it is good to prepare predefined light and postproduction settings for the most frequently photographed products – this will greatly increase efficiency of work and will enable people with little experience to make full use of the device.

Recommended equipment includes a full cage with a lens of focal range 24-105mm. This set works great: it includes the entire counter without distortions at the same time making it possible to trim small parts of lingerie or accessories. Enough with the superlatives, back to work on my commission.




The system is fully automated and features an easy to use, intuitive software interface of our included MODEViD basic software. In addition, the software also offers LED lighting control, editing features like background removal, pack-shots, presets, and quick online publishing to MODEViEW cloud in free online galleries.


• MODE STYLE Flatshot Light Table

• MODEViD Software (basic)

• Free Cloud Account


MODEVID Software Features (Basic & Premium)

• LED lighting control with dimming

• Camera control and ready presets

• Live view edits (pre and post production) with background removal

• Advanced automatic background removal*

• Video capture in multiple formats*

• Easy one click publishing to media cloud

• Super Focus feature (focus stacking)*

* Premium paid features

Technical specification

210x135x200 cm
180 kg
Power supply:
Power LED 65000K (6800 W)

In order to use MODE STYLE required PC / Mac, camera Canon EOS (or selected models of Nikon DSLR), with standard lens and / or macro lens.

Hardware requirements

WINDOWS (7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10)
MAC OS X 10.9, 10.10, 10.11
Intel i5 / i7
Pamięć RAM:
min. 8G
3× USB 2.0

Written and photographed by: Dominika Apanasewicz