A Shadowless table as a stage for acrobatics

I run Warsaw marathon! Was it hard? – not exactly, because I was prepared. The real power comes from your mind, determination and pain resistance. I took a break and switched now to my bike. On my first trip my laces locked in pedals and I hit the ground. So I decided to buy laces less shoes with SPD. The shop owner asked me to make some nice shots of my new shoes in 360° and offered a good discount. So I done it…

Here are the shoes…

A = 8,  T = 1/60 s ISO 400, Canon 70D + Canon 60 mm, continuous lightening

In my last article I described how to remove shadows with MODE360 Twister which doesn’t have illuminated turntable. If it’s so simple so I decided to do something more for my supplier.

The whole procedure was same like in my article “rotating acrobatics“, the only difference is that it was Twister not Jumbo.

Step by step:

1. The most important condition is reflection-free bottom, so I used thin wax paper and put in on Twister acrylic table.



2. Lights setting – I attached some schemes for beginners


photosceneZrzut ekranu 2015-10-22 10.57.05

3. The presentation is made in 2 steps, because we will have 2 lines (axis) animation

a)  First I do animation pictures of shoe lying flat on side. All shoes are always a bit thinner in heels side so I put a bit of transparent plastic under heel. It’s transparent so it won’t be visible after automatic background removal.


b) Second animation serie I do with the shoe hooked to fish line. I used tripod to keep the fish line above the shoe. Don’t change any camera settings! All shots after 2 animations done we must drop into same folder and rename.



4. Second important condition is to have the shoe in the center point always. First series images must be flipped to the left 90° by “rotation” tool in editor . One of the shots of laying flat shoe must be identical with the front view shot in second series (hooked shoe on fish line)



Key Postproduction in MODEVID

Zrzut ekranu 2015-10-22 11.25.35

Aspect Ratio = 1:1

Zrzut ekranu 2015-10-22 11.26.21

90° to the left means 270° on our degree chart in “rotation” tool.


Later I edited some shots in Photo Editor with Apply to all tool (read: multioperation tool)


I adjust colors, sharpness, contrast and remove background with program nr 6.  We can use also stamping tool in retouch to remove some fish line if necessary.

I send it to modeview.com hh and it’s ready.

Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz www.studioavior.pl