Vertical or horizontal position for spinning rings?


advantages: 1. more interesting angle, according to me just one-level presentation is enough to show every detail, 3. usually easier Free-Form Select

disadvantages: 1. necessity of wax/racks using, 2. by me harder set of lights (read about lights), anyway surface of the gold is more smooth.


advantages: 1. lying object does not require racks or wax to attach, 2. You can use the technique described in the article: on a side or up side down, 3. lighting set-up is a piece of cake (read about lights)

disadvantages: by me worse viewing angle

In MODEVid program, in the tab – “MASK” are now available lights presets – it facilitates work novice users of the system MODE360.


Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz