I wrote on the blog that filmmaking using tools MODE360 is a lot of fun. Everything goes nice and easy and for this software gives possibility to edit the resulting material (link to an article). Recently, in crop tab I discovered a new icon and its quite practical functionality. It looks simple, we call it “ghost”.

How can the ghost helps?

Whenever I am preparing to film the product I am trying to very carefully center the entire presentation, which in practice means that, for example ring has to spin around its own axis, and not dance and circle on the platform. With jewelery photos, precision is very important. The ghost helps me analyze the resulting material. Even if the product was not positioned centrally, or its irregular shapes give this illusion, this function allows me to correct cropping and move on to further processing.


1. Click twice on a movie file and select the Picture Editor in window


2. In crop tab, press the icon of the ghost (at the bottom)



3. Then this useful picture appears:


4. On this basis you can see that the object moves across the entire presentation, crop discretion

Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz