white balance

Have you ever seen such a horrible pic like that above?

The difficulties connected with reflecting a colour is a real nightmare in the product photography. White gold becomes yellow; a yellow ring resembles a brass nut, while turquoise beads turn into the leopardskin jasper, etc.… Sometimes you can come across that certain kinds of light that even the automatic white balance in the camera can’t help. The manual setting the ‘cloudy’ or ‘fluorescent’ is also not enough when the light of a different colour temperature illuminates the scene. What’s then? Just take the easiest way out that is also free:

1.Set the camera on MANUAL mode in MODEPix, MODEVid application (printscreen)


or in camera settings we look for White Balance settings (WB) and CUSTOM symbol

2. When the camera is set up we photograph a piece of clean white paper background from background roll. IMPORTANT! Paper must fill full frame in the preview and must be photographed in the same lights we use later for imaging, aka. „scene”.

3. In settings we indicate that image as a custom sample. The camera systems store that information as a light colour temperature in our studio and set up the camera sensor.

4. Later we start to take pictures.

5. The only adjustment, which such a picture may require, would be adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation

6. We can always warm or cool your image or make chosen colour more intensive by using MODEPIX/MODEVid white balance pallete

Written and photographed by: Dominika Apanasewicz www.studioavior.pl