Multioperation tool

Presentation you can see below consists of 60 single photos. Each of them was edited. I would never do it one by one manually… I am too lazy… and my time is money.

When we are to edit or do a free-from select for whole presentation (definitely more than one photo) we have to use the icon: Untitled-5s copy5all edition steps that have been taken to first photo will be repeated to whole serie of images that are contained in the same folder. The program will ask whether we want to overwrite files. I always prefer to back up my files and keep the original one. According to me, it is the function may be the key to quick and fully professional image processing of rotary photography for MODE’s users.

Send to the server hh

The net result:

Edited presentation, MULTIOPERATION TOOL for cropping, rotating, brightness/contrast regulation, saturation, sharpness, free-form selection; 108 edited photos!!!


Row presentation – before edition and Multioperation. I am not the one who like to show unfinished work, but I want You to see  a range of changes.

Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz