Spherical/multilevel/3D presentation

What does the customer who comes to the shelf, interesting product view lured? Last time I was in the mall and I watched people while shopping. I wondered what product features are the most important to focus attention first time. The scenario was always the same: to rotate the product in hands, watching from different perspectives, folding and unfolding, opening and closing, testing what happens when you click different buttons, check strength by bending. Secondly, the other senses take control. The client smells and tastes, if there is a chance, and listen.

It is superiority of traditional sales over the Internet. So how do you satisfy the curiosity of the customer online selling? Price is an argument No. 1 (at least in Poland), secondly – method of presentation. MODE360° Photo Composer (link to Magic Box), compact photo studio gives us the ability to perform not only simple pack shots and presentation but also the 360 rotating spherical animation. This last function distinguishes the device from the typical tools for composing of rotation photography . 3D mobile arm allows to perform several series of photographs not only by turning the subject around its axis, but also amending the viewing angle. With this form of goods presentation in online stores, customer has a chance to look it on each side, almost like he walked up to the cash desk and took the subject to the hand.


from 0 degrees (frontal) ————————————— up to  90 degrees (from the top)


Step by step:

1. In the MODEVid set all the necessary parameters:


2. The unit will pause and allow you to change the camera level or subject detail (read an article “Gift Idea“) before next series of shots


3. Uploading by modeview.com Untitled-1 4. When you press the green long button, window appears with the ability to choose the number of series that we want to add:


Indicate the number of the series is very important that program knows how to share them:


Otherwise, it will be add in a continuous manner and will not be able switch between levels.



Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz www.studioavior.pl