Amazon – the way you can use it

Perhaps the best way to sum up and complete all the theoretical and practical wisdom is to show the daily effects of work in the real studio. All photos were taken in the MODE Composer. I have followed numbers of rules and infallible methods, of which I’ve already written on the blog.

Rings for my clientPhoto015 Photo029 Photo068

It’s a piece of cake! I placed products one by one on the highlighted platform (read about the lighting) and was pressing the shutter button. Moving on the white background with the program MODEPIX (link). Issues on which I particularly pay huge attention: Manual white balance (link) – very colourful products require vigilance during a colour mapping. Depth of field – I avoided extremely spatial product position and used a fairly large aperture – f = 14, t = 1/40s, iso 200 (never maximum – read about diffraction)

Pendants with a chain

3 One end of the chain was fixed to the PhotoComposer, while another one was more mobile, so I could moderate it in the frame. I change the trinket after each shot. Of course, I could place them flat on the platform, but this time I wanted my chain to go taut under their weight. Removing background with a programme (free form select).

Rings with diamonds – The series made ‘up side down’ method (link to the article)

5x 11 1/30 100, 13, 1/30, 100 11, 1/30, 100,  13, 1/30 100, 13, 1/30 100,

Camera Canon EOS 70D (crop) with 100 mm macro 2,8 lens L series, rings rotated by 180 degrees in MODEVid

Due to that I have received the effect of slightly levitating ring without using any court displays or stands. I used the variable illumination depending on a shape and colour of the metal (read about lightening). Additionally, I took accessories for Composer (link).

Another shots with star filter this time, rings rotated by 100-110 degrees in MODEVid: Camera Canon EOS 6D with 100 mm macro 2,8 lens L series, , f=14, t=1/40, ISO 200,1f 2a

The series of necklaces for

I took photos with the ‘focus stacking’ method, combined of 3 shots (link).

Untitled-1 Av= 13, t=  1/60 – 1/100 s, ISO 200.

I was shooting at an angle of about 60 degrees. In order to maintain a light shadow, I placed the white, fluorescent carton on the platform and also spotlighted intensely from the top to get a white background. Then I removed manually any imperfections, using the function ‘mark background’. Thanks to the Ghost function in MODEVid (link), I got a professional, ideal repeatability of shots.


While selling set of products it’s good to present them all together on one picture (i.a. Amazon requires it). Shooting more than one object is always more difficult task. My rule for that is: make a few photos in various combinations. Than, on the big screen choose the quality and the most proper shot Photo083f=20, t=1/40, ISO=200 (lens 50 mm)

…and MACROphotography to expose details

2015-01-11 18.55.04(read an artickle 1 and 2)

Written and photographed by: Dominika Apanasewicz