AMAZON – let’s take up a challenge! – do you want to join? – Introduction to jewelry photography

„Sell products on and reach millions of customers all over the world”, „Make money on Amazon!!!” This is how the e-commerce giant is promoting cooperation. In 1994 Amazon has been a local Internet bookstore – today it’s a worldwide partner for millions of online shops. Amazon takes care about customer satisfaction but for vendors have a lot of regulations including images, especially jewelry images (link). And that the tricky part… professional lighting, perfect sharpness and colors representation, defined main image, 85% of frame covered by object, white background and crispy edges. How to handle that without professional photography studio and Photoshop? My own Photo Composer is a mini studio with proper photography equipment with our tips and tricks that’s the complete images creator which results can’t be banned by any moderator.
1. Lighting in Photo Composer is designed especially for jewelry imaging. Newest model has been equipped with light diming system; also it has spotlights for diamonds and details (read about new PhotoComposer, all about its benefits and about the equipment and accessories).
2. Perfect sharpness belongs not only to auto focus settings. It’s related also with depth of field, which you can get with special techniques (a.  article about depth of field, theory + practice, b.  focus bracketing / focus stacking c. tilt shift)
3. White Balance – the reminder of a balance – read an article about the balance with the examples of jewelry
4. Perfect packshot – useful tricks for product positioning (read some Tips & Tricks)
5. Frame composition and consistent shooting – software hacks by MODE with Ghost and catalogue creation
6. White background (RGB 255,255,255) and smooth edges – software hacks by MODE (the article about the free-form select and MASK)
7. Special effects – Star Filter – the article
8. Cleanest – read “like in the lab

AMAZON – Product Image Requirements a source text

Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz