Macro Diamonds…

… morning got me in the studio. Some people claim that I am like the mad scientist, who immediately wants to hear all the answers and solutions to all these questions and puzzles. However, I’d rather compare myself to the person who is making mandala consists of grains of sand. I would say that my main assets are: patience, precision, a grain of acrobatics and devotion. You should know, that the great advantage of being a photographer is that it gives you the chance to peek into another unknown world.

Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 EF 1-5x lens let us comfortably zoom on the scale 1-5x without the need to tighten the extension rings (link to the article about the macro). Glass does not have the autofocus or a focus ring; therefore I had to come closer and walk just millimetres away from a stone, depending on an enlargement I wanted to obtain. Moreover, all my movements were done from the yogi position. That’s why I kept the photo scene to a minimum. Rings are serially attached by plastic wax to the PhotoComposer platform, so it was easy to manipulate.

Scheme of the scene: wax= Two photos that I like the most.  I photographed the same stone in two different ways by changing the angle and a distance literally only in millimetres. As a result, the focus point appeared once on the mirror and in the second instance- in the depths of the stone. 2015-01-11 16.24.36-23 2015-01-11 16.14.16

Av=5,6, Tv=1/125, ISO=400

The rest: Everywhere I paid huge attention to have a low diaphragm (diffraction – link) and short space of time, in order to do not move anything.          2015-01-11 17.21.247-2

Av=6,3, Tv=1/100, ISO=4002015-01-11 18.55.04 Av=7,1, Tv=1/80, ISO=4001 Av=6,3, Tv=1/100, ISO=4002015-01-11 17.13.0927 Av=6,3, Tv=1/125, ISO=400

Written and photographed by: Dominika Apanasewicz