Images and animations without background removal

Most of my collegues says that shadowless packshot on white background it’s not enough. Some of products require special arrangements to enhance all feature and to present the object in real life. That’s true but 100% must be planned and it can be overdone.

Photo Composer arrangements

1. Necklace imaging on black shiny background

I used also black side covers  and black turntable with shiny surface (MODE360 accessories). I didn’t plan to remove background, so I set up small depth of field. In small depth of field range you can see only a piece of necklace, the rest is blurry to achieve bokeh effect which is sometimes very desired to show product in a very artistic point of view. I also worked on mirror reflection so I carefully cleaned the surface to avoid any dust. tt004 Av=4,5, Tv=1/30s, ISO 200, Lens: Canon 17-­40mm L (40mm), Canon 70D, CROP

2. Watches

On that image I focused on composition. I have placed the elements very carefully by tweezers. The first plan hero is face of the watch, the rest I pushed to the blurry back. d Av=10, Tv=1/40s, ISO 200, Canon EOS 70D + Canon 100 mm f/2.8L EF Macro IS USM

3. Ring

I wanted to get a kind of soft frame around. I liked light effect I get so I didn’t remove the background. Photo00203 Av=11, Tv=1/30s, ISO 100, Lens: Canon tilt-­shift 24mm L, CROP

4. Macro photography

Because of many blurred edges it is almost impossible to remove background in easy way so I leave it usually

2015-01-11-17.21.247-24-700x464Av=6,3, Tv=1/100, ISO=400; Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 EF 1-5x + Canon 70D (macro)

5. Spinning ring

90 degrees animation on dark turntable, a ring is fixed to the black platform by holding wax (MODE360 accessories)

90 frames per animation, AV=20, Tv=1/25s, ISO=640,
Canon EOS 6D + Canon 100 mm f/2.8L EF Macro IS USM

6. Ring, ­ another view

Again black background, but to enhance stone and gold shine I used STAR FILTER X6 (Special effects). This filter works much better on black background. Single picture: Photo012 Av=8, Tv=1/30s, ISO 400, Lens Canon 100mm L series, Canon 5D Mark II (full frame)

7. And the movie

This time I used also new feature from MODEVID for video capture and multi imaging for animations. (read an article about video)

All about black side covers, black turntable, six star filter read:  MODE360 accessories

Remember about Cleaning set! (read an artickle: Like in Laboratory)


Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz