Gallery – a practical tool at cloud platform

Gallery it’s a practical tool designed by MODE360 and available at cloud platofrm. Beside content management like creating folders with collections user can publish new gallery on his website, generate catalogue in PDF or online catalogue for iPad also with 360 degrees animations. Also by using many plug-ins sharing on social media, Ebay and other locations became a piece of cake.

1. My view of landing page, click on a “GALERIES” button


2. Create New Gallery


3. In „Gallery details” bookmark we can create a title, description and cover


4. In „Presentations” bookmark after clicking „Add presentation” we will see a list of available presentations and images at our modeview account


5. We are picking up the images or animations and dropping them to the list on the right side then save


6. Since that moment the gallery is visible and available in „Galleries” section

if we want to share it on our web page we need to click „SHARE”,


then copy the embed code and paste it in CMS in text view

link with my website look

On the same page we have all social media plug-ins – just pick any and share


7. Another great feature allows user to generate PDF catalogue with customized layout for printing.

You can add company contact info, company name and logo, format of document and content layout

see the PDF to download Necklace—TUTORIAL_A4_2014-10-20 (2)
or have a look  at printscreen below
Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz