Shooting for pro’s

A bit of imagination combined with experience in spinning photography can give very good results. In this article I would like to show „functional photography”. The task wasn’t easy. MODE Co. asked me for imaging of the new upgraded Photo Composer. In scenario I needed to mention:

– All advantages of the hardware,

– Design

– Motion of camera mounted on special rail

– An object spinning inside

– Sliding side covers

– And multi-lights field


The unit was spinned around so I used my MODE360 Twister.

To show the lighting was the challenge. Photo Composer have a perfect conditions for product photography, there are few lights field and it’s intensity is quite strong. To avoid overexposure of the interior I used new Photo Composer feature – dimmed lights. All lights I reduced to 20% and thanks to that I was able to present even glasses inside which I spinned as well.



1. Scene preparation like showed on scheme (Photo Composer is on the Twister)

2. I plugged in Photo Composer to PC

3. I create a catalogue to collect images

4. From the MODEPix application I turn on the lights nut dimmer it to 20% – after every light field on I make pictures manually by using shutter button on the MODEPix interface.

5. When all lights are on I start 360 degrees animation of the Photo Composer on the Twister (24 frames, full circle rotation)

6. I save all images in one catalogue created before

7. Next I shut down sliding side covers step-by-step and I record it on images made same time every change is made

8. Next I connect Twister unit to the MODEPix software (that’s why all lights are off during spinning)

9. When I see the side view of the Photo Composer I slide the camera on rail 3 steps and imagize it just to show the motion feature

10. All collected images I transfer to the cloud platform to convert it to 360 degrees animation

11. I also used the Photo Editor before to remove cables and the Twister unit. I transferred all images again and create animation.





Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz