One product gallery

Some time ago my customer asked me to show 360 degrees animation features. I was surprised that one product can be photographed in many ways.


1. Traditional way


The necklace I set up in central point in Photo Composer. The camera I set up vertically (90 degrees). And I used new Photo Composer feature – lights dimming, I reduced lights to 50%. 100% could overexpose the picture and the edged would be blurry and fading. I made 360 degrees animation (90 shots)


2. On mannequin


For that presentation I used kind of typical holder. That way I showed its shape and features. That holder I placed in the middle of the Photo Composer (all lights 100%). Shooting in front of the object I made 90 shots in 360 degrees.


3. Detail


I placed the necklace in Photo Composer, not in the center but on its left edge (ref. article „Almost spinning”). The intensity of lamps I left 100%, but I turned off front lights to not to overexpose the elements appearing in front of those lights during spinning. I used mostly left side lights and the spotlights to enhance sparkles on necklace details. That time I mounted the camera on standard tripod set it up like shown on the picture. Canon 17-40 mm lens distance to the object was 7 cm and 40 mm zoom presents nice effect.

Presentation properties: 180 degrees, 80 shots, bounce effect.

2014-10-16 16.30.212014-10-16 16.27.08-1

Written and photographed by:

Dominika Apanasewicz