Clothes – traditional imaging or 360 degrees animations?

That question comes to me back every time with my new customer with his website and product presentation layouts. Here are some solutions:

– flatshot photography is the simplest and low budget solution. From my point of view it’s suitable only to fast stock imagery or kids apparel where is no need to focus on details, shapes or fitting. Well ironed and placed will be just fine.

– Sessions with photo models are more expansive (make up, hair design and styling and of course model fee)

In this article I would like to focus on 2 semi-solutions: ghost effect and spinning animations.

The first one is still visible in online shops and showrooms. It shows well clothing features but the editing is mostly related with Photoshop. If we would like to show the item from every point of view we must edit all of them.

Spinning animations are the great solution for that matter. It’s fast, easy and low cost. The additional advantage is the mannequin not the model which can sometimes drive us crazy!


TV = 1/60

AV = 8

ISO 200

60 shots

For animation I used STUDIO MODE and TWISTER unit,  lamps setting like on the scheme bellow:


Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz