Like in laboratory

As a microbiologist I know something about that.

Cleanness in commercial photography is extremely important. Every object must look hi-end to potential buyer and must be well done. Macrophotography is very demanding from that point of view. Imaging is precise like thru the microscope, so there are more things visible human eye can see. That way we can see sometimes dust pieces by the diamonds in a large size, which can spoil whole image. It’s really annoying for the photographer and sometimes I wish to have NASA laboratory conditions to finish the session 😉

There are much more simple solutions especially with the black backgrounds in Photo Composer (MODE360 macrophotography mini studio). Please see the rules:

  1. Always close the windows and doors during session
  2. Switch off fans in the room (that is blowing the dust mostly)
  3. The best solution is to have AC with the special dust filter
  4. The Photo Composer interior must be cleaned with antistatic solution
  5. Before placing the object inside of the Photo Composer always use compressed air
  6. During equipment setup any contamination can appear, for precise dust removal also special blowers and makeup brushes can be very useful. Easy to buy in any cosmetic store. See image 1. Cleaning set.


Sample of spoiled picture with dust:


If you want right effect  without Photoshop (below) – keep the rules!