Spin macrophotography

A small cellar where the workshop is there’s only one small illuminating window. Tic-tac, tic-tac… Ticking and clicking can make you crazy… There are hundreds of clocks!

The clock repairman in his work suit and fancy loop in his glasses looks like sci-fi character from 50’s. He welcomes me but he is still focused on his job. I look at what he is doing but it’s so small to see any detail.

– Would you like to see how it’s beautiful young lady? – He asks suddenly and gives me his glasses. My fascination its small masterpiece is so high when I looked thru the glass. During coming back to work I was thinking how to show that object in 360 degrees view.

The presentation I have made in Photo Composer – the best for microphotography. It has efficient light conditions and additional black board is providing a nice reflection. Large amount of light is very important in macrophotography because it’s allowing me to use high aperture value for best depth of field (in this ex. Av=22). Additionally I customized my scene by LED spotlights. Especially adjusted spotlights accented the structure and contrast of engravings. One of the spotlights I setup almost parallel to the platform to illuminate the metallic face of watch.  I really wanted to present that small masterpiece and a giant device. (scene picture)

Technical information:

Canon 100 mm  lens with retro adapter

ISO = 200, Av= 22 (high value is a priority here) Tv = 1,5s

Angle = 120°, 120 frames


Because all of that I totally forget that I visited watch repairman to exchange the battery in my digital watch. I’m going to do that next time 😉


The photoscene

LED spotlights


Novoflex EOS RETRO


Lens: Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0L USM mm with Novoflex EOS RETRO