Rotating Furnitures

Slawek is a cool guy, brand new Geology doctor from Polish Science Academy. You can seat with him by the fireplace and chat about Gobi desert trips, run 15km thru the wood org et buzzed with homemade wine. He is a father of my best friend Caroline, but we have so much in common no matter his age. Sometimes I visit him in the country and I love his passion – he is restoring old furniture. He buys back old and ruined stuff left in forgotten places. He is bringing new life to old furniture and letting them come back „on the red carpet”.

For animation, which presents an auction with his artwork I used STUDIO MODE and TWISTER unit. Because of large size of chairs I used 100 cm turntable. I know there are larger turntables 120 and 150 cm but my studio is too small for it. Twister has load up to 100kg so it’s fine for chairs. MODE also has full system supporting Twister with special turntable grid and 3D arm for the camera, but this time I didn’t get one.

Presentation 1

Camera settings: ISO 200, Av/f=10, Tv/t=1/20

Presentation 2

Camera settings: ISO 200 f=10 t=1/8


I used lamps setting like on the scheme bellow:



Slawek’s Workshop:

Obraz 041




Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz