Colors representation – why do we need white balance?

When we buy new tv set there’s always new thing to learn and we need to finally check the user manual to crack the magic spell.

It’s the same with the cameras and studio equipment.

Let’s see how to take care about the White Balance in MODE Studio for 360 degrees animations and packshots. One of the customers asked for advice not without a reason. Proper colors representation is a key topic in product photography. In photography guides you will find information about  light measuring tools, but before you will invest your money please ready bellow tips:

  1. set the camera on M mode (manual)
  2. In camera settings we look for White Balance settings – WB (image)
  3. When the camera is set up we photograph a piece of clean white paper background from background roll. IMPORTANT! Paper must fill full frame in the preview and must be photographed in the same lights we use later for imaging, aka. „scene”.
  4. In settings we indicate that image as a custom sample. The camera system store that information as a light color temperature in our studio and set up the camera sensor.
  5. Later we start to take pictures. Try 3 different shots to pick the best one (exposure bracketing)

More details you will find in camera user manual.

It’s good to remember that simple amateur monitors aren’t calibrated and have variation in color expression/representation what is very annoying in your first steps. It’s better then to trust your camera White Balance settings made above and don’t do any manual changes.

There are also situations when the person browsing our pictures on his computer with bad monitor seeing colors differently than us. We can do nothing about that or just write a warning … „color may vary due to your computer monitor’s color settings” and that’s it.

Because of those tips I got free shopping coupon in customer shop. I suspect it worked, thanks a lot!


In camera settings we look for White Balance settings – WB


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Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz