A session for Guess

PrintGuess is a well-known and very demanding international brand. The order that we accepted involved preparing 360 presentations of 4 sets of clothing selected by TVP stylist for the host of “The Voice of Poland” – a popular young Polish actor – Maciek Musiał.

I have already described the general rules applying to such sessions in the 10 steps to a perfect 360 clothing presentation post. Here you will find some additional clothing photography tips. This time the biggest pain was selecting the mannequin. We decided that since the professional styling covers all elements of clothing, it should be a full body and definitely handsome looking. (www.lutoff.pl price: ca. 200 Euro)

Another challenge was the optimum and perfect color reproduction.

“Custom” white balance settings allow you to make color corrections that can’t be made using any of the preset option:


Different cameras may have different methods of setting the custom white balance, but in essence you take a picture of a neutral colored target (white or grey) in the same lighting that you will be shooting in and then the camera uses it to calculate the right white balance setting.

In order to avoid any color casts in the presented clothing, I applied screening. In my studio, there is a wooden floor, hence the reflected light is slightly yellowish, that’s why I laid out a white, paperboard background on the floor and leaned it over the tripod, creating a white screen. In addition, such operation can also adjust light intensity in all photographed objects. Only then I could say that the set was ready for the TWISTER – rotating MODE platform with the aforesaid mannequin on it.


Camera settings f=6.3 st= 1/40s  ISO 100

It’s a guaranteed effect:

Photoscene for the session:


Dominika Apanasewicz