“Gift idea”

The soothing rhythm of the green hills, the stone houses surrounded by cypresses and the wine sipped idly in the garden… dolce vita! The memories from the photo shoot in Tuscany come to my mind every time I see the Black Rooster on the bottle of wine. It is the symbol of the region stretching between Florence and Sienna – Il Chianti – famous for its marvelous wine. Crossed by Strada del Vino – the wine route – this picturesque country offers its visitors not only vineyards and enotecas (wine shops) ideal for wine tasting but also numerous little stores trading as Prodotti Tipici. Here we can buy products that are typical for the region: handmade cheeses, ripening prosciuto crudo, bread and olive oil. What more do we need to feel happy?

…but let’s cut to the chase!

360 degrees animation requires a scenario. Before starting the work, it is worth to think and decide what we want to present. My aim was to prepare the material that would encourage the customer who visits the online store to buy the offered commodities as a ready gift idea.

For the purpose of this presentation I used the rotating platform MODE360 “Twister.”

Animation can be done in two ways:

1. Multilevel – each scene presented will be rotated by 360 degrees and the navigation (switching between the scenes) is done through the panel located at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Starting the work, we set the number of spherical steps in the tools menu – in this case 4. After each series of photos, we reorganize the plan according to the scenario but do not change the photo angle.

2. Single-level – each of the 4 scenes makes ¼ of the whole sixty frames presentation (the chosen sample features 15 frames). In this case, in order to reorganize the plan, it is necessary to stop making of the presentation in MODEPIX by hitting Pause.

Dominika Apanasewicz