Flowers against the black background – photo session

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Some people enjoy it, some choose to boycott it. Nevertheless, the business can bloom if you present the product in a right way. My client asked for a 360° session of the flower bouquets.

From the photography’s point of view, flowers are a short-lived and demanding kind of product. It is not just the water and humidity that they need but also the right temperature – during the work, the lamps can produce a hell of heat. So one has to be prepared and act quickly.

Especially that the difficult element here was the black background. Contrary to the typical packshots that require the setting to be properly illuminated, in this case it was important to ensure that the background receives as little light as possible. Hence, I directed the main lamps towards the back of the photographed object (photo 1.) Such approach has a positive aspect – it works as a contra and enables to separate the flower from the dark background. The turntable that cannot be removed from the shoot must also be appropriately prepared (photo 2.) I used MODE360 “Twister” for this presentation.

Valentine’s Day

And here’s another example:      


Dominika Apanasewicz