On a side or up side down – tricky method for packshot

The jewellery can be presented on a whole variety of counter displays. Sometimes they can be nice and expensive, while some other time they can even deface. They may have the wrong size or be an one-size-fits-all, but the product will fall down before you even push the shutter button. You’d better follow the practice, a touch of aesthetics and for instance Amazon’s guidelines and do not use them at all. That gives you an extra time which you safe on not removing them from the photo. One more drawback- while using trivets and you try to set the final angle manually, you can forget about having same shots in a row. (link to GHOST in MODEVid)

When it comes to me, I prefer to do it in the easier way that goes:

1. Place the product in a flat position on the highlighted platform.
2. Search for the right angle by moving the camera along the Composer’s shoulder.
3. Take pictures by placing the product directly in the frame (not just in the right/left direction, also up and down). Otherwise, after the image processing it will change its position in the least expected way.
4. Edit my final photographs in MODEPIX/MODEVid.

fff Usually I crop them by changing proportion to the 1:1 square, it’s the last chance to place a ring in the middle


Untitled-61Just under this icon is a hidden tool that let us rotate photos of any angle. This operation is allowed only with shadowless images, which are made by a highlighted Composer’s platform and an effective free-form select in the MODEPIX/MODEVIEW program.


Oryginal shots:

1e2fffbbbsRotated in MODEVid aplication (230 degrees)1f


Have a look at more samples – Packshots’ gallery: 5 rings x 4 shots – different angle of rotation

Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz www.studioavior.pl

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