Photocomposer – a magic box

The Mode360 Photo Composer is a semi-automatic lightbox for taking professional packshots of jewelry and other small luxury goods, at maximum size 15x15x15 cm. It is equipped with a built-in shadowless turntable, providing a white background and lighting. It is built-in with all the tools for a sleek animation other than the camera, including a shadowless turntable. The high quality lighting is supplied by an LED system that has an optimal color temperature of light at 6500K. The premise of the Photo Composer involves the combination of the camera with the revolving, shadowless platform and the high quality lighting system via the MODEVid software on your computer, which allows live image capture, full camera control and the ability to edit your pictures. The sliding camera arm lets you adjust the angle of shooting for the desired effect. It also gives ability to create semi-spherical 3D presentations. The camera mounting system enables you to change the angle of view with easy to operate secure head lock. The sliding camera rail allows you to adjust camera distance. Taking pictures of objects with different height requires you to adjust proper angle of view. The side covers help you minimize the reflection of light sources from the outside.

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mode3 Photo082


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