MODE360 accessories

As you may know by now, photography of jewelry can give sleepless nights. It is very shiny, highly polished, spherical-shaped and usually contain color stones or diamonds that make the job even harder. That is why photographer need a cubby-hole full of useful accessories. All mentioned accessories available in on line shop

Black background

The jewelry looks beautiful and elegant on dark backgrounds, All You need is black turntable (AKC 14), black covers, balck background (AKC11)

Result: tt004 Untitled-1ff

Coloured papers

Very useful when I need to enhance: – edges (black stripe) – colour of gold (yellow stipe) – deepness of black background (black cartoon)

Result: 1e2fffsff5 Untitled-1ff

Cleanness (link)

Cleanness it’s a high priority and key to success!

Photo011a Untitled-1ff

Star filter (link)

Gives fancy blinks in stones sss Results: 1e2fffsff   Untitled-1ff

Polarising filter (link to practical guide)

The thing that distinguishes polarizing filter from other filters is the pivot collar. Observing the product through the viewfinder (in my case 2 pairs of glasses) I choose the setting that will reduce afterglows in the most efficient way and reveal the depth of real colors: photo1 comparison2 Untitled-1ff

Jewelry stands

Results: IMG_9683=4-2 IMG_9934   Untitled-1ff


..instead of big plastic stands: zz

Rotating result:

Additional lights


Written and photographed by: Dominika Apanasewicz




Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz

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