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Recently, I wrote that the build proper photo scene characterized by a proportional light is a real challenge (link), I mentioned also that the Mode360 prepared for users set of tools for free-form select of generated images (link). And then I got to test a completely new functionality which allows to avoid both embarrassing issues for amateur. It helps users who do not have to be experienced photographers or graphic designers.

maskMask function available in MODEVid automatically sets the lights in photo composer, and the final file is already product passed on a white background. Photography process takes a while, something flashes and something goes out, system two times releases the shutter in the camera. I could talk a long how convoluted processes take place out of our control, but better to move on to the point. On the left side of the application window the available presets displays:


Among the available sets of settings we find the most similar to our – that’s what you need to pay attention is

1. the position of the camera on PhotoComposer’s shoulder (angle 0-90).

2. the arrangement of your ring – horizontal/vertical

3. Software authors did also distinguish on the color of photographed metal and type of stones.

Ad. 1. Camera position:


0 degrees


25 degrees

Photo07845 degreesPhoto018

90 degrees  Photo024


Ad. 2. Another settings for horizontal position of the ring:



And the result of using Mask:


More advanced user has the ability to modify individual settings and appending own positions.

But it is worth noting that the Mask function allows you to create rotary and spherical presentations. Just leave enabled Masks and change the tab on the control platform
icon The rest of the steps are similar to those I described many times, but received presentation is ready to be published on the site.

Written and photographed by:
Dominika Apanasewicz

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